I grew up Christian. With Christ still as my compass, I have broadened my palette with which to complete my journey back home.

While in highschool I decided to read the Christian Bible New Testament during the month of August before school restarted. It was an interesting reading. What wonderful non-fiction historical background and wisdom for living my life. I focused my fascination upon how Jesus taught the masses in parables and his disciples the meat of the word. He said is inner teaching would be lost for a time and come out at the end of the age.

I had become active as a Youth Leader in my Presbyterian Church. During the first couple of years of College I continued summers with the Youth Group. My mom and dad wanted to instill good morals and values, but they didn't penetrate the veil of the spiritual realms that I knew existed.

College was a challenge to build on my spirituality as I was still trying to germinate a mustard seed in a drought of living waters of spirit. I was learning development of my intellect without a focus on daily experiencing the word in action from the heart. Neither ministers or my peers could feed my spiritual needs. I needed to pierce the veil of consciousness and feel the Holy Spirit as experienced by the disciples in that upper room.

Since College I have learned lessons from Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov, a former KGB agent who defected to Canada in 1970. The former USSR had a program of ideological subversion of America. They focused part of their efforts to secularize the USA within the Universities. And they help facilitate a concentration within the Universities of a Luciferian humanistic, materialistic culture. It finally resulted in socialism and communism being profligated through China's Confucius Institutes. A complete perversion of Confucius teachings!

Graduation from College led to a blossoming of my Information Technology skills as a consultant with a Business Degree. Busy forging my career I was.

A ray of light in my life wanted to settle down with me. I was not ready. She prayed for me to find my spiritual path. She cut sections her bible out and mailed them to me. She tried to explain the way to me. My soul was not ready balance two worlds. I was not longing to be a bride of Christ nor a groom of a bride. I realize now I had not found myself.

My college mentor was into a hybrid intellectual new age psychology version of spirituality. It fascinated me to learn things about the unseen world. One technique I learned was psychomaturation, perfected from a group of researchers learning to heal people of negative thoughtforms like allergies. I just didn't feel at home without my Christian roots.

I read a book called the Aquarian Conspiracy. I learned we were at the end of the age of Pisces. Some Christians put the Ichthys on the back of their cars to indicate they follow the Piscean Warrior Jesus. The astrological age of Aquarius is here! The lost inner teaching of Jesus I read about as a Youth should come out in plain sight. But where?

I became friends with a psychology professor from the University Medical Center who worked with the medical students. He was leading a local Psychic Studies Institute. I was invited to attend a channeling by a local psychic where I was told by a disembodied spirit I was once a High Priest in the Laws of One on Atlantis-- whatever that meant, I did not know. Since that time I've learned disembodied spirits are like those in the movie Ghost and are not ones we can trust or want to communicate with.

My dentist is really good and honest fixing and maintaining my teeth in good clinical order. He knows about the dark ones who want control the world under one government. And he knows of those "new age" psychic things and was also told he was a high priest on Atlantis. The psychic does not lead to where I am going. It's a big polluted astral sea that is not the home I long for.

The bible refers to the finer body. I remember flying in my sleep looking down at the lamp-posts on my home streets as a child. I found, read and tried listening materials from the Monroe Institute who's founder did the same kind of thing out of his body. My psychologist friend said he'd never achieved popping out of his body consciously even though he sat on the Board of the Monroe Institute and spent a week each year helping people process their astral journeys out of their bodies.

I met Caroline Myss, at dinner with my friend. She's had presentations on Public TV about the spiritual world since she had her psychic opening at the Monroe Institute and then got intellectual with a PhD. I gave it a good college try to do astral travel out of my body. No results for me either.

I was focused on my IT career and had achieved a certain level of success. I felt competent in my field. At age 29, I suddenly felt propelled into a new level of spiritual searching. I shortly found what would become my lifetime spiritual path. I've spent time reading the Old Testament, and not just the New. I've had an experience with a gift of the Holy Spirit called the gift of lepers-- for healing. I'd had the outer curtain of the veil of consciousness pulled back. I finally understand the bible at a new level with a degree of the Holy Spirit.

Now I'm treading two worlds. Learning to balance them on a Libra scale. Ultimately the spiritual world is more real than the material world. This world of flesh is impermanent.

Infusing spirit into matter is how Jesus was made permanent his existence in flesh. He descended into earth and showed us the way. He opened the doors to the masses for the ascension. The powers of the world were unable to kill his flesh!

So this in this world opened up a beautiful sunrise for me! A Great Central Sun begins to shine its rays in my world and illumine that which is unreal, impermanent.

The truth that sets me free of religious dogma is refreshing!

Above is a brief highlight of my journey along the path of self-discovery. My journey includes a study of the history of traditional Christianity. You will notice below some documentation of how our Christian Church Fathers diverted from what Jesus taught. I will continue to make notes on how this happened. It's good for healing.

There's been a lot of history since Jesus was here. Fundamentalist Christians forget the long history before our Lord and Savior Jesus was anointed as a Christed one on earth and opened the door for our salvation. For example, scholars ignore the time from Jesus Youth until his mission. Where was he? It is documented. It was hidden by politically savvy leadership in order to control the narrative.

I have enjoyed learning the commonalities between Christian Tradition and other spiritual paths. I believe other paths are not only compatible with our Lord and Savior's Teachings, but complementary. The saints and sages of east and west are known by their works. The more I study, the more complete understanding of the Path I aquire.

Without reading through exhaustive materials. Without consultation with the "Scribes and Pharisees" of our times. We can surrender through our Lord and Savior into the arms of God. We can experience phenomenon in God. The most important of which is an ever expanding love.


Historical background

  • In 1945, the Nag Hammadi texts were discovered. They are Jesus' secret teachings published in 1977 in English. The teachings show Jesus was a mystic who taught Reincarnation.

  • The Catholic Church takes the stand that the soul is separate from God, and so it is impossible to accept reincarnation that the soul can unite with God. In the middle ages if one professed a belief in reincarnation they were subject to excommunication at the least. Many were burned at the stake by the Church-- even their own clergy.

  • Orthodox Christianity believes we cannot become Sons of God like Jesus but are separate. So the putting on the Mind of Christ that was in Jesus teaching is really meaningless?

  • A mystic believes one can put on the Mind of Christ that was in Christ Jesus and therefore become Christed-- become the Christ. Not exactly Jesus the Christ himself, but do greater works than Jesus because he said so!

Reincarnation at the time of Jesus

  • Today Hasidic Jews believe in reincarnation. Kabbalists, medieval Jewish mystics, believed in reincarnation and is the root of Hasidic Judaism.

  • Jewish Rabbis from before the time of Christ kept secret their belief in the ideas of reincarnation and direct mystical contact with God leading to the ultimate union with God. They were concerned about their beliefs being misinterpreted as a violation of the first commandment, "Thou shalt have no other God's before me." The rabbis founded traditional Judaism from the roots of both mystical and rabbinic Judaism.

  • The earliest Kabbalistic text Sefer ha-Bahir, published around 1180, treats reincarnation as a given. The early rabbis who interpreted Jewish scripture had instituted the practice of reading one word for another. The Bahir used this technique to show that in the Old Testament, the term generations can be replaced by the word incarnations. So God's covenant with Abraham in Genesis 17:7 KJV refers not to just one life but many, if not thousands of incarnations.

  • The Old Testament offers a less esoteric reference to reincarnation in Jeremiah 1:5 stating God knew the prophet before he was conceived in the sixth century B.C.

  • The Pharisees dominated the Jerusalem Temple from about 164 B.C. to 37 A.D. teaching reincarnation, and so a large segment of the Palestinian Jews believed in reincarnation too.

  • The first chapter of Ezekiel tells us that the prophet saw a vision directly related to the system of Merkabah mysticism. Some passages of Christian scripture reflect Merkabah and what became known as Hekhalot ideas. This indicates Jesus or Paul most certainly knew of the tradition. The Dead Sea Scrolls show these ideas were prevalent at the time of Jesus mission.

  • In the prophecies of Jeremiah 31:31 & 33-34 was written in the 4th century B.C. where ideas of reward and punishment were a concern. He promised a new covenant from their God, "I will plant my Law, as writing in on their hearts. I will be their God and they my people, with no need to try to teach neighbor or brother of Yahweh!" Was this a reassuring idea for those who knew they may need to return to earth in another life after the Messia is born?

  • It is important to note that at the time of Herod Antipas rule on behalf of the Romans, the cultural beliefs of reincarnation and that men could become a God was prevalent. From the mystery initiates of Plato and Pythagoras who believed in perfecting of the soul through union with God. To the prevalent Greek belief in the mythical teachings of Greek Gods and Goddesses working with mankind to perfect themselves into Gods. Or by man giving up the tendencies binding them to the matter universe ruled by seven planets and their negative energies or tendencies ruled by that planet.

The Nicene Creed

  • In 325 AD, Emperor Constantine convened the Council of Nicaea where some three hundred bishops that met for two months with the Emperor attending. They produced a confession of faith called the Nicene Creed. In which was a denial of the divine origin of the soul stating that humans are separated from God by a vast gulf.

  • It was Bishop Athanasisus, not God or Jesus, that wrote, "neither we shall ever be as he, nor is the Word as we are".

  • Another Bishop, Arius, and his supporters, asserted that Jesus was a created being just like the rest us. One who had passed his tests through the process of initiation by God.

  • The majority of Bishops, along with the Emperor, signed the The Nicene Creed as a means to end the debate. The three holdouts that included Arius, were banished from the empire by Constantine.

  • Constantine sent a letter to the Bishops who were not in attendance and among whom some questioned its authority. He stated that Church officials must regard it as "indicative of the Divine Will" because it was "determined in the holy assemblies of the bishops." The Roman God Constantine had spoken.

  • The Emperor began the first persecution of dissident Christians issuing an edict agist "heretics," calling them "haters and enemies of truth and life in league with destruction."

  • A few modifications were made to the Creed in the 4th Century. The Creed is still given in many Churches today.

Theophilus, bishop of Alexandria

(I'm going to list some notes here from pg 215.)

Original Sin and Augustine's doctrine

(I'm going to list some notes here from pg 228.)

  • The origin of Adam was a mis-translation!

Biblical References to Reincarnation

    • Elijah appears in the closing verses of Malachi (3:1; 5; 4:5) warning of a "great and terrible day of the Lord" when Elijah would be sent to "prepare the way" for God "drawing near to you for judgement." I've heard it said that judgement means reconciliation.

    • The Gospels tell us people wondered if John the baptist was Elijah (Matt. 16:14; Mark 6:15; Luke 9:8). John denied who he was to the Priests and Levites but left a veiled conformation to reassure his followers. (John 1:23).

    • Finally, in Matthew 11:13-14 (JB) we see Jesus proclaim that John is Elijah come again. Later, when the disciples see Elijah and Moses appear and talk with Jesus and suddenly disappear they ask Jesus "Why do the Scribes say that Elijah has to come first" (Mark 9:11). We can read his answer in both Mark 9:11, 13 and Matthew 17:13. The Gospel authors are showing that Elijah was reincarnated. When appearing to Jesus in front of the disciples, John the Baptist was in is finner body or spiritual body because we know his physical body was beheaded.

    • In John 9:1, 2, 3, 7 we see reference to Jesus healing the blind man. We know in the Ten Commandments that common belief in Judaism is people can suffer for their parents transgressions (Deut. 5:9).

    • But the first explanation presented by the disciples, "the man suffered for his own sins" shows a belief in reincarnation-- as reason for people being born different. Jesus clarified the reason the man was blind without refuting the disciples reference to reincarnation.

    • We see no references in the bible refuting reincarnation, a common belief at the time for both Jews and Gentiles steeped in Greek and other traditions.

    • By the way, Hebrews 9:27, 28 is a reference to the old covenant of Moses requiring blood sacrifices of animals but no longer needed with Jesus new covenant when he shed is blood once as a sacrifice for all. The argument was that our human bodies die once. Then there were those who argue we should be buried rather than cremated because our bodies will be literally resurrected with Christ. Embalming bodies was not common until the civil war and is a great money-maker for funeral homes. I plan on my body being cremated unless I make my physical ascension and disappear on earth.

I like this quote:When, to all appearances, you could affirm “all is well” but your heart and soul tell you the vibration is wrong, then be willing to act on that intimation of your Christ Self. And know that to win the war of Armageddon, you must rely on superior information from your mighty I AM Presence — distilled through your Christ Self, delivered to you by the mighty archangels.Vol. 24 No. 14 - Beloved Archangel Raphael - April 5, 1981

Sections below is ongoing. It is an integration of the essence of truth in spiritual paths that lead to Rome. False paths lead us to roaming the earth. A true path leads us through the labyrinth of our synthetic self, directly to our Lord and Savior! Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever!

Buddhism: 4 Noble Truths

Gautama Buddha outlined 4 Noble Truths:

  1. Life is dukkha (out-of-alignment) defined as is suffering, pain, sorrow, discontent, imperfection, sin evil ;

  2. Dukkha's cause is inordinate desire;

  3. Freedom from dukkha is attainment of Nirvana;

  4. Liberation is through the Eightfold Path.

Buddhism: The 8-fold path

The Eightfold Path leads to the Middle Way of walking in the Mind of Christ:

  • Right Understanding (or Right Views);

  • Right Aspiration (or Right Thought);

  • Right Speech;

  • Right Action;

  • Right Livelihood;

  • Right Effort;

  • Right Mindfulness;

  • Right Concentration (or Right Absorption).